Why is My Cat Bullying his Sister? | Answered By Vet

Why is my cat bullying his sister

When two cats live together, they are always going to be fighting. It doesn’t matter how much they try to avoid it or how much they love each other. But one cat, in particular, seems to have a problem with his sister. He bullies her, makes fun of her, and even tries to hurt her. Why is this one cat’s behaviour so different from the others? Why does it seem to be getting worse? And why is my cat bullying his sister?

As their cat ages and starts exhibiting these behaviours, this question has been on many peoples’ minds. According to some experts, the root of the problem may be something that their cats share in common – they both like to play fetch. When one of them starts winning more than the other, that’s when the bullying begins.

A cat’s behaviour towards his sister could be indicative of social aggression.

Example: My cat is constantly bullying and attacking his sister. This behaviour is seemingly out of nowhere and doesn’t make any sense. Is it that he’s trying to protect her from him? Or maybe he’s excited about fighting her? It’s hard to say for sure, but something might be happening here that we don’t understand.

 Throughout their lives, cats are reported to display various behaviours that could be seen as signs of social aggression. These behaviours may include intimidation, fighting, and marking their territory. However,

How Many Factors why is my cat bullying his sister?

Various factors determine a cat’s behaviour, so there is no single explanation. However, some potential reasons my cat might bully his sister include frustration over being left alone or not given enough love, envy of her physical attractiveness, or simply feeling like he has a right to be in her space. Cats are unique and should be treated with respect, even if aggressive. 

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