Why Does My Cat bully his brother? | Answered By Vet

Why Does My Cat bully his brother
Why Does My Cat bully his brother
Why Does My Cat bully his brother?

Why Does My Cat bully his brother The reasons one’s cat may bully their brother are unknown, but the cats may have a mutual dislike for one another. One of the cats may feel left out or overlooked and does this to assert dominance over the other. Ultimately, these factors could lead to a physical altercation between the two cats.

Cats bully their brothers for various reasons, which vary from cat to cat. However, some possible reasons a cat might bully its brother may include rivalry for food or space or because the two cats are considered rivals in their home. Many cats will engage in physical attacks against their siblings if they feel they have been usurped in specific areas of attention or authority within the family. Sometimes, cats do this because they feel taken advantage of and as if their siblings do not live up to their parents or other family members’ expectations. 

There are two reasons why Does My Cat Bully his Brother

It could be because the two cats share a close relationship or because one has decided that the other is not worthy of its love. Here are five tips to help break down these behavior issues:

1) Get to know your cat well – cats like to be in control and can’t do that if they’re constantly being challenged. Understanding what makes your cat aggressive will help you resolve communication issues.

2) Be firm – cats like to feel in charge, and getting them to understand that you’re in control will stop them from escalating their aggression. If your cat doesn’t show aggression, don’t take it personally – it’s just a sign that he’s comfortable with who you are as a mate and friend.

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