Was Doja Cat Bullied? | Answered By Vet

Was Doja cat bullied
Was Doja cat bullied
Was Doja cat bullied?

Was Doja cat bullied? Doja, a Persian cat born in 1996, has been the subject of much online hate since an Illinois family adopted her in early 2003. The rumors began to circulate after a group of children at a nearby daycare reported that other cats were bullying Doja.

The abuse continued even after Doja was adopted and went to live with her new family. By 2006, people had started making videos of themselves hitting and kicking Doja, sometimes with water bottles or tools. Some YouTube users even set up a “Doja Cat Forum” where they could post updates on their interactions with the cat and solicit advice from others whose animals had also been abused. 

In February 2007, the Springfield Sun-Times Investigations Unit reported that child abuse allegations against several cats were “not without merit.

Doja, the white cat, was bullied at school, and some people believe her dark coat may have something to do with it. Doja is a cat who is known for being bright, playful, and full of energy. She has been said to be one of the most popular cats in her class, and many of her classmates say that she is the life and soul of any classroom. However, some students say that Doja’s dark coat has made her a target for bullies at school. One student even claimed that another student beat her up after refusing to let a bully talk to Doja. Some people believe that the dark coat may factor in Doja’s bullying because it makes her look different from other cats and less likely to be accepted by her classmates.

Was Doja cat bullied? 4 Tips

  1. Seek professional help if you are witnessing any abuse or bullying in your community; this can be difficult but highly beneficial for both the victim and the abuser.
  2. Never pick on a cat – even if they do it to you. They may be smaller, weaker, or just plain cute, but don’t put up with it. You’ll only make them madder and more determined to hurt you.
  3. Be understanding – when your cat bullies another, they may feel proud, like they’ve done something good for the other cat (or themselves). Be gentle and understanding – if your cat starts acting out, don’t get too upset until later when they’re calmer.
  4. Listen carefully – sometimes cats will understand what you want them to do and stop picking on their friends.

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