Older Cat Not Eating But Drinking: Top 10 Reasons & Solution

Cat not Finishing her food

It’s perfectly normal for your cat to visit their food bowl a couple of times during each meal as cats have small stomachs than other animals. There are other reasons why is my older cat not eating her food, such as:

  1. Older Cat food types or brands
  2. Sensitive whiskers
  3. The irritation
  4. Stress
  5. Not Hungry
  6. Flavor
  7. Illness
  8. Tongue Problems
  9. Lack of Routine
  10. Inedible Food

1. Older Cat food types or brands

It would be a good idea to try another brand of cat food if your cat won’t finish its kibble. Cats, like people, have Desires, so make sure you used different brands and types of food. Changing your cat’s diet might be a good idea to wet or semi-moist foods rather than dry kibble if they aren’t as enthusiastic about dry kibble for Several reasons.

Some cats do not like crunchy things in their mouths, so they are easier to handle! When it’s time to feed, you can also mix in some warm water or water. This can make the dry food seem more like its wet counterpart (especially if it’s been sitting out for a while). Click here if you want to go How Long Can Dry Cat Food Sit Out

2. Sensitive whiskers

The whiskers on a cat are highly easily affected when my cat not eating her food, so cats will not touch them on food bowls. It will tire them out quickly, and they may even lose interest in eating since cats are fickle creatures. A simple solution is to use smaller bowls instead of larger ones.

  • The whiskers on a cat are highly easily affected, so cats will not touch them on food bowls. It will tire them out quickly, and they may even lose interest in eating since cats are fickle creatures. A simple solution is to use smaller bowls instead of larger ones.
  • This will allow your cat to have less food spilled off the edges and onto the floor (yuck!) It will also allow your cat to get in and chow down easier because there will be less space between their whiskers and the edge of the bowl.

3. Irritation

When your cat does not finish food, then there are a few things that can cause your cat to lose their appetite.

  • Your cat may feel threatened or stressed if you recently brought another cat home. They won’t eat when they’re feeling stressed
  • If there is someone new living with you, like a roommate or relative, this could be causing the same effect on your pet.
  • There was a loud noise outside when you were feeding them, and it frightened them off their food for the time being.
  • It’s not uncommon for cats to stop eating for a while if they feel uneasy, so they wait until they feel safe again before trying to eat again.
  • When some change in your household routine, this could cause the same effect on your pet.

4. Stress

There are several reasons your cat may be eating less than normal.

  • One common cause is stress. Stress can come from many sources, including change in environment (moving, new pet or baby), change in house location, or being left alone after being the only pet for years.
  • Stress affects appetite: provide a warm and comfortable place for your cat to sleep and sleep with them yourself.
  • if they’re having trouble falling asleep on their own; make sure they have plenty of toys to play with; don’t leave them alone more than necessary; try feeding smaller meals more frequently instead of one large meal at night.

5. Not Hungry

  • You can discover many causes of your cat not eating, among them kidney disease, cat influenza, diabetes, fever, hyperthyroidism, and pancreatitis. Eating problems may also result from dental problems, pain, and internal obstructions.
  • When your cat does not eat, it might be because they don’t seem to be hungry or don’t like the food you’re giving them.
  • There’s every chance your cat has already stuffed itself without you knowing since some cats regularly visit neighboring houses for food.
  • Occasionally, cats will reject wet food, but give them some dry kibble instead. No worries if your cat refuses food for a few days. It’s the easiest way for them to get some nutrition into their system without having to chew up all those tasty treats like canned food or raw meat.
  • Cats may not eat expired or spoiled food. Check the expiration date on the food, or simply smell it to determine if it smells rancid.
  • Healthy adults need about 250 calories per day depending on their size, which is roughly 250 calories per pound of body weight per day (for example, an average-sized adult cat would need around 250 calories per day).

6. Flavor

  • A common reason is that they simply don’t like the taste or smell of the food. Cats are extremely sensitive to scent, so if they find your food smells different than expected, they will think it has gone “off.” Even if you have tried to replicate your cat’s usual food, your cat may reject it.
  • Food manufacturers may change flavors and ingredients without any obvious signs on the packaging, the cat may take notice and reject the changed product. A cat may consume one flavor of a particular brand but reject a different product completely due to preference.

7. Illness

The following signs may indicate your cat is ill if you are not seeing them eat: You should take your kitty to the vet if:

They have stopped eating,

  • Their behavior has changed in any way (they may be sluggish or lethargic),
  • They are vomiting regularly and/or producing loose stools more than usual, and/or
  • Their breathing has become labored.
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Tooth pain
  • Urinary obstruction
  • Pancreatitis (inflamed pancreas)
  • Digestive obstruction
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Kidney disease

8. Tongue Problems

There are a few things you can do to help your kitty when it cannot taste the food. If this is the case, you can:

When you give your cat more salt, it will taste better. Cats need more salt than humans do, so if their diet lacks sodium, the flavor will be lost. Adding more salt makes it taste good again!

9. Lack Of Routine

  • If your cat does not finish the food, it could be because they have a lack of routine.
  • Cats are creatures of habit, so they need to have the same time and place to eat every day. This helps them develop a routine and know when it’s time to eat.
  • Regularly fed cats are more likely to leave food in their bowls, as they don’t know when the next meal will be.
  • Providing your cat with a routine by feeding him at the same time every day will make your cat more comfortable eating everything in the bowl, reducing the stress caused by routines.

10. Inedible Food

If your cat all of a sudden stops eating, it’s essential to rule out the opportunity of an underlying scientific condition. If he eats much less than ordinary for a few days, it’s likely now not a massive deal. If he is consuming much less than normal for a complete week, you need to take him in to see your veterinarian right now due to the fact that should be an indication of something serious going on internal his body.

Should we contact the Veterinarian when the older cat not eating her food?

Yes! When our Cat not finishing dry food or wet food, there’s often something more serious going on it. It wouldn’t mean that he doesn’t like a particular treat. When your cat doesn’t eat or has skipped meals for several days, you should act. A Veterinarian may be needed to help your cat regain its appetite if its appetite has been lost.


 While it might be difficult to discern why our cat does not finish the food, there are a variety of reasons why this occurs. Take the time to understand their behavior, and get a better grasp on their specific needs. This will greatly increase the chances that they are satisfied and healthy. The most important thing you can do is speak with a veterinarian about your cat’s eating habits and potential problems.

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