Is My Kitten Bullying My Cat? | Answered By Vet

Is My Kitten Bullying My Cat
Is My Kitten Bullying My Cat
Is My Kitten Bullying My Cat

Is my kitten bullying my cat? A recent study revealed that some cats are bullied by their siblings. The study, which the University of Utah conducted, found that when five cats were given a choice of being either the butt of a joke or treated like equals, three of the cats chose to be butt-of-jokes. Interestingly, none of the cats in this study chose to be treated like equals – instead, they preferred status over treatment.

While it is not clear why these particular cats choose to bully their siblings, one theory suggests that it may be because they feel left out or neglected by their parents or siblings. When these cats lack positive reinforcement from their caregivers, they become bullies. If you’re worried your kitten is bullying your cat, provide her with ample positive reinforcement (i.e. toys and food) so she can feel appreciated and loved. 

11 Facts: Is my kitten bullying my cat?

  1. A recent study by the University of Montreal found that cats bullied by their companions may have increased psychological problems such as anxiety and stress and may also display signs of depression. The research was conducted on rodents, but the study’s findings could have implications for humans, too.
  2. The bullies in the study had higher levels of anxiety and stress than those who didn’t experience bullying, and they showed signs of depression compared to those who didn’t experience it. The lead author said these findings “support the idea that bullying can lead to psychological problems in animals.”
  3. It could be due to a few reasons. First, bullying can make cats feel like they’re not wanted or liked, which may cause them to feel anxious and stressed. Second, bullying can make cats aggressive and territorial, which may lead to them displaying signs of depression. 
  4. Your cat may be bullying your cat if they think they’re in control. Here are ten tips to help prevent your kitten from becoming a bully: There are many reasons why cats might bully other cats, but one of the most common is to assert their dominance. Bullying other cats can lead to aggression, physical and emotional damage, and even death. If you’re concerned about your cat bullying another cat, here are ten tips to help avoid any problems:
  5. Establish boundaries: Always set clear, firm boundaries with your cat. It will help them know where they are allowed and not allowed to go.
  6. Let them know it’s okay to play: Keeping your cat in check begins with letting them know playing is okay. If you make it clear that playing time is limited, your cat will likely stay calm and confined during its next game of ‘cat poly.’
  7. Don’t give up easily: Try different techniques and strategies until you find something that works for you if you find yourself fighting with your cat.
  8. Be sure your cat is physically healthy and in good spirits. A bullied cat may be more inclined to lash out in anger than a healthy one. Poor health can predispose a cat to too many behaviors that could lead to an altercation with another animal.
  9. Cat OWNERSHIP: If you’re the only person who owns your pet, it’s up to you to allow your kitten access to other cats.
  10. Cats should be respected and loved – no matter how much they bully other animals.
  11. Never feed your cat or give them anything that could harm their health, including treats or food pellets. Finally, never put your cat where it can’t move – this could include living near children or other animals.

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