7 Best Ways How to Stop My Cat Bullying from My Other Cat?

7 Best Ways How to Stop My Cat Bullying from My Other Cat
How to stop My Cat Bullying from Other Cat

Cat Bullying is a common behavior among cats in multi-cat households. The question is, how can I stop my cat from bullying my other cat. And secondly, how I can determine the reason. Bullying has many causes, but the most likely culprit is territoriality. Cats have a natural sense of territory. They don’t like other cats encroaching on their spaces. They may even growl or hiss at other people who come into their space, so it’s essential to be patient with your cat and give them their space when they need it.

1. Teaching Your Cat to Play Nice

The first step in teaching your cats to play nicely is to teach them how to play. Cats are notoriously independent and don’t respond well to being told what to do, so it’s best to show them what you want them to do instead.

  • Play with your cat. Cats enjoy chasing toys and batting around objects, so provide your cats with fun toys they can hunt or bat around themselves when you’re away from home (and even when you’re there!). A laser pointer will also help get the attention of those who like a good game of hide-and-seek; be sure not to shine it into their eyes!
  • Teach your cat how not to bully other cats by getting them together at once and playing games with everyone involved as a team rather than as individuals competing against each other for dominance.* Make sure everyone is having fun before moving on, so everyone feels included!

2. Clap, Squirt, and Send the Aggressor Away

If the aggressor approaches, clap your hands to startle and scare them away. If they continue approaching, squirt them with water from a spray bottle until they leave or try another method. Send both cats away and then reward the victim.

If you see two cats fighting and one is being bullied by the other, send both cats away and then reward any positive behavior shown by the victim (such as rubbing against you or purring). This teaches them that being nice will get rewards from you!

3. Ignore the Cat Bullying

There are a few ways to ignore the cats.

  • Ignore the Cat Bullying. This is one of the most effective ways to stop your cat from bullying another cat, especially if you’re not sure which of your cats is being aggressive and which one is getting bullied. This method works because when you ignore the chick who’s getting bullied, they will learn that no one pays attention to them, and they won’t be able to get any food or affection from anyone else either (which may help them feel less threatened). If you want more information on how ignoring can help deal with a bully cat, check out this article: Should You Ignore Your Cats?
  • Ignore Both Cats at Once: This method can be beneficial if both of your pets seem to need space from each other for a while—make sure not to let them sit together too long without giving them some attention! If neither seems aggressive towards the other, I recommend letting nature take its course. Eventually, these two will realize that there’s enough room for everyone else here 🙂

4. Always Make Sure Both Cats Have Resources

If you add a new cat to your household, both cats must have their resources and territory. This includes food, water, litter boxes, and toys. If your other cat has bullied your shy kitty in the past, make sure she has her own space to retreat to when she needs privacy. The best way to do this is by giving her a room or designated area where she can go without having to worry about encountering any other pets or humans in the house.

It’s also important that both cats have access to plenty of resources when they’re together; this will help them get along better because there won’t be any competition over resources in their shared environment.

5. Separate Them For a While.

  • Use different rooms. If possible, keep your cat bullies separated from the other cats in the house so they can’t bully them while trying to sleep or play.
  • Use different litter boxes. Cats tend to mark their territory by spraying urine; if you see that one of your cats is marking inside the other’s box, it may be best for you to provide separate boxes for each cat until the behavior stops entirely.
  • Use different feeding bowls (and water bowls). This will help prevent bullying over food. Another common cause of anxiety between housemates. Make it easier for you and your cats when it comes to meal times!
  • Use different toys. Many cats like to play with toys made specifically for them or ones that make noise when batted around by a paw; if yours are constantly harassing each other over who gets a what toy, then consider buying some new ones just for one of those guys’ enjoyment!

6. Get a Sitter for One or Both Cats.

If you suspect your cat is bullying another, it’s important to take them to the vet. If one of the cats has an underlying medical issue causing him/her to behave aggressively toward other cats, you want to address it early on.

In some cases, a sitter may be able to help. In some cases, if only one cat is exhibiting aggressive behavior (and not simply playfulness), then a sitter could be a good idea if they can stay with your pets for several hours or overnight. Regardless of whether you need a sitter for one day or several weeks at this time, there are plenty of services available online. Some offer hourly rates while others charge by day or week, depending on how long they need someone at home with their pets.

7. You can stop your cat bullying from your other cat.

You can stop your cat bullying from your other cat. Here are some steps you can take.

The first step to success is preventing bullying in cats. If you do not make it a habit of following through, then your efforts will have been wasted. To stop your cat from bullying another cat, you must be patient, persistent, firm, and gentle at all times. Be kind to both cats involved but also make sure you stand up for what is right when necessary so that neither one feels like they should be bullied by the other.

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