How do I Know If My Cat is a Bully? | Answered By Vet

How do I Know If My Cat is a Bully
How do I Know If My Cat is a Bully
How do I Know If My Cat is a Bully?

How do I Know If My Cat is a Bully? If you have a cat that regularly challenges other cats or will not let the Boston Terrier or American Staffordshire terrier around, you may be considering whether your cat is a bully. Bullies are typically cats who are dominant and territorial, and they enjoy harassing their opponents. If your cat frequently challenges other cats or subscribes to the “big guy is boss” attitude with others, he may be considered a bully.

There is no definitive answer to whether your cat is a bully. However, by using key indicators, you can determine if your cat is behaving aggressively or threateningly. Common indicators of a cat being a bully include intentional damage to property (such as scratching someone’s furniture), spraying or spraying water indiscriminately, destructive behaviour such saying destroying food or toys, and abandonment issues. If any of these behaviours are exhibited by your cat, take it to a veterinarian for evaluation. 

How do I Know If My Cat is a Bully?: Some Important Tips

There is no definitive way to know if your cat is a bully. However, some tips that may help include:

  1. Check if your cat routinely bullies other animals or healthy cats. Bullies are typically more active and aggressive than average cats and can cause serious damage if not stopped.
  2. Ensure your cat doesn’t try to play rough with other cats or pets. When your cat is playing, you may be able to tell if they are naturally agitated or are becoming bullies because they feel threatened.
  3. Checking for any changes in behaviour or energy levels over time. If your cat seems unusually negative or agitated during tough conversations, it might be worth getting them checked out by a veterinarian for an existing behaviour disorder like anxiety or depression.

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