How do I get My Cat to Stop Bullying My Dog? | Answered By Vet

How do I get my cat to stop bullying my dog

Many people think cats and dogs are equals when bullying each other, but this is only sometimes the case. Cats can bully dogs much more than dogs can bully cats. You can figure out here how do I get my cat to stop bullying my dog. Start by forecasting your cat outside of its normal boundaries. If you have a Scandi cat who will try to nip at any physical or vocal provocation, put them in a room with no toys, humans, or other animals for an hour or so after dinner, and then bring them back out. It will teach them that the family does not accept cross-dressing as punishment. 

There are many ways to How do I get My Cat to Stop Bullying My Dog

But one of the most effective methods is to create a relationship where both cats and dogs can be peaceful. Other methods may be effective if you need help building this relationship. Try out different tactics if you have a cat and your dog. For example, if your cat is bullying your dog by chasing or scratching him, you might try to provide a calm and loving environment for them both. Try talking to your dog about the situation and see if he understands. If all else fails, there are other ways to get your dog to stop bullying your cat HERE

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