Do Hairless Cats Get Bullied? | Answered By Vet

Do hairless cats get bullied

This question is largely up to the individual cat to decide whether they feel comfortable going hairless. However, some reports suggest that hairless cats are frequently bullied by other cats and may even be considered ‘weaker’ or’ less valuable assets. It can damage a cat who feels valued and appreciated based on its appearance. Do hairless cats get bullied? Some vets have even suggested that hairless cats may not be able to enjoy life as much as their hairy counterparts because they are often left feeling unsupported and alone.

There is a growing trend among cat owners with hairless cats that other cat owners are bullying them for not having any fur. Some people believe that hairless cats cannot be as popular as regular cats, so they are not given the same respect, and some people even say that hairless cats are being bullied because they are different.

Do hairless cats get bullied? Expert Tip

According to some experts, bullying among hairless cats may be related to the fact that they do not have fur. It means that they can’t show their face, so people feel they need to show more respect for them since they can’t defend themselves. It is also speculated that some cat owners think hairless cats are less interesting because they cannot play with others.

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