All Cat Breeds Profile in 2023 – You Should Need To Know If You Are Cat Lovers

All Cat Breeds Profile

Here is a table of various All cat breeds Profile with information about their weight, color, fur, lifespan, personality, energy level, playfulness, independence, meowing, and shedding:

Cat BreedWeightColorFurLifespanPersonalityEnergy LevelPlayfulnessIndependenceMeowingShedding
Abyssinian6-10 poundsRuddy, red, blue, fawnShort, fine, and dense9-15 yearsActive, curiousHighVery playfulModerately independentVocalLow
American Shorthair8-15 poundsVariousShort, thick, and dense15-20 yearsEasygoingModerateModerately playfulIndependentVocalLow
Birman6-12 poundsSeal point, blue pointLong, silky, and luxurious12-16 yearsAffectionateLow to moderateModerately playfulModerately independentVocalLow
British Shorthair9-18 poundsBlue, black, white, creamShort, plush, and dense12-17 yearsEasygoingLow to moderateModerately playfulModerately independentQuietModerate
Bengal7-15 poundsBrown, silver, snowShort, plush, and luxurious10-16 yearsActive, curiousHighVery playfulModerately independentVocalLow
Maine Coon8-25 poundsVariousLong, thick, and shaggy12-15 yearsAffectionateLow to moderateModerately playfulIndependentQuietHigh
Persian7-12 poundsVariousLong, dense, and silky12-17 yearsCalm, docileLowNot very playfulDependent on ownerQuietHigh
Siamese6-14 poundsSeal point, blue pointShort, sleek, and shiny11-15 yearsVocal, activeHighVery playfulModerately independentVocalLow
Scottish Fold6-13 poundsVariousShort, plush, and dense11-14 yearsLaid-backLow to moderateModerately playfulModerately independentQuietLow
Sphynx6-12 poundsVariousHairless, or with a fine fuzz8-14 yearsInquisitiveHighVery playfulModerately independentVocalLow
Cat Breeds Profile

Note: This table is not an exhaustive list of all cat breeds, and the information provided may vary based on individual cats.

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